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Here at London Quail and Berkshire Quail, we have been involved in egg production for over 40 years, breeding, incubating, rearing, with egg production being the main product. We started off with ducks and evolved into the chicken egg market. We have now sold off the various chicken side of things to concentrate on ducks and quail.

Back in 2014 we introduced quail as an experiment to supply my grandson as he had an egg intolerance that severely brought him out in hives and so not only could he not have eggs but also the many products that have egg in the ingredients. You would be amazed just how many foods use and contain egg.

Quail egg has a different protein to a chicken egg and so the experiment started initially for this purpose. The die was set and my grandson was able to eat eggs for the first time without concern. This may not always be the case so if you or someone you intend to try this with has an intolerance be sure you check with your doctor and proceed with caution. Whilst this experiment was going on I studied quail and quail eggs generally and was amazed at the benefits stated in various articles. Being a sceptic, I had to see for myself. My experiment had a different purpose i.e. do they really work and would involvement be viable should I move into this field.

It was not easy work and was time-consuming but the benefits to me were soon realised. Yes, quail eggs were beneficial to me as I felt invigorated and most definitely healthier. To make sure this was not psychological I included others in the experiment and sure enough they were all of the same opinion – that quail eggs are good for all who had participated in the trial and therefore I had to conclude that on this fact alone the business was worthwhile. Being a business man and entrepreneur of many years, ego was not enough reason to start a new venture, even if it was a field I had been involved in for over three decades.

The business plan that followed was more a marketing experiment to make sure the eggs would not only sell but who would buy them. Within a few weeks all eggs were placed and the market was growing. Fresh eggs were daily leaving the farm and the reputation was growing fast leaving me in a position where I could not supply the customers. This coincided with the sale of my various poultry farms and the farm that housed the quail experiment. I had proved beyond doubt that the venture was good for my grandson, good for myself and those who participated in the experiment and good as a business venture, albeit the scale would have to increase greatly. Introducing London and Berkshire Quail being the locations of my previous customers.

We cater for all markets from wholesale through to retail.

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