Packaging Materials

Our Packaging Material

London Quail is committed to use environmentally friendly packaging where possible. In most cases it is achievable, it is simply down to price and availability.

Legislation under Packaging waste, (Producers Responsibilities), requires many producers to take responsible measures with regards to use of packaging but this requirement is aimed at businesses that use in excess of 50 tonnes a year and an annual turnover of £2 million and over.

London quail set out to use paper pulp egg cartons and card outer cases to comply with legislation even though no obligation, apart from morally, exists. This is our commitment. There will always be the odd situation where the use of plastic is unavoidable but should this be the case it will be used in moderation and with either biodegradable or recyclable materials. Where there is an option to use alternative materials, they will be used.

It has been a difficult procedure to find a manufacturer of paper/pulp boxes for quail eggs as many if not all use plastic. Even though these plastics are a product of recycling and facilitates further recycling we all know that from time to time it will find its way into the environment and is not biodegradable. With the paper/pulp it starts production as a recycled material, should it not be further recycled it is at least biodegradable. Ultimately if the facility for recycling does not exist or the disposal of is abused it will inevitable find its way into the ground.


Ultimately it is down to the end user and the authorities to ensure that materials used are responsibly passed along the line to achieve any benefits by ensuring that having provided the best ecological possible packaging materials for the purpose they are in fact recycled.