Free to Fly

Automated Free to Fly Production System

It is not unusual to produce Quail eggs today by using a Free to Fly system. Our system however is unusual in as much as it has an automated manure and egg collection system that ensures that the birds are not in contact with faecal matter or indeed are not subjected to levels of Ammonia that can be associated with other system often used in quail egg production.

This system also eliminates many diseases and ailments that can be brought about by faecal matter that might otherwise come into contact with the birds. Our automated egg collection system ensures that not only are eggs removed from the laying area almost right away but also that the eggs remain in premium condition. All eggs are then transported by a covered belt system to the packing area to further ensure the quality of the eggs. 

When reading comments about quail eggs you may often come across a complaint that in the occasional box of 12 eggs there can be as many as 2 that were considered rotten and or Black. This could well be an egg that was collected by hand having a minute crack that went unnoticed by the collector. The egg may well have been subjected to prolonged contact by birds, and even faecal matter. 

All these problems are eradicated using our system to ensure that when you receive our eggs they are in clean, perfect condition.